About Rastermania

Arcade, console or retro gamer ? Welcome !

Rastermania specializes in emulation gaming.  From retro to today and from button to arcade.  For beginner as pro.  Parts or in a cabinet.  We have it all.

We help you looking for or setting up unike games.  And preferably with a no-nonsense attitude.  By directly importing from Japan, China and Hong Kong we can guarantee you low prices and fast delivery.

An overview of our products :

  • Arcade quality console joysticks for Playstation, Xbox, Wii and PC
  • Arcade spare parts : joysticks, buttons, iPac USB controllers, JAMMA cables, microswitches, ...
  • Arcade boards
  • Neo Geo MVS Carts : over 50 in stock from Bubble Bobble to King Of fighters, Captain Tomaday, Nightmare in the dark, ...
  • Multigame boards : 60 in 1 classics, Neo Geo & Capcom CPS2 collectiosn, 1000 in 1 PCB's... Available separately or built-in in a cabinet of your choice
  • MAME Cabinets or parts
  • JAMMA Cabinets

All of these are regularly available, so keep an eye on this site.  Behind the "products" button you will find our current stock.  We are updating the stock constantly in order to keep you up-to-date on the latest items.


To reduce old inventory we regularly offer items on eBay.  This also includes items with issues, so you tech-heads : head over to eBay !


Rastermania actively participates on shows and events in and outside of Belgium.  These nostalgic paradizes are the ideal spot to check out our arcade cabs and games.  The column on the right gives you an up-to-date calendar.


New parts carry the manufacturors warranty.  Old and refurbished parts can be tested on-site.  Warrantly on revisions and work done by Rastermania is 6 weeks

Who is running all of this ?

Behind Rastermania is Peter, who has spent the 80s in the arcades and has launched Rastermania 5 years ago.

Questions ? Use the contact form !


Rastermania will hapilly help you with any question that is gaming related, except finding you a MAME Rom-set.